Our curriculum is as broad and diverse as the student body itself. We offer in-depth preparation in core academic areas including science, math, English, social studies, and foreign languages. Teachers take the time to make sure each student understands the key concepts in these critical areas so that they are better prepared for college and for life. Students are also given the chance to examine first-hand the world they are studying. They take regional trips and have the opportunity to explore very different cultures through travel and study in Europe, Costa Rica, and Thailand.

Each student at September High School takes classes that are designed to maximize personal academic potential and cultivate emerging talents and interests. Teachers at September High School are experienced in identifying and responding to different learning styles. Close attention is given to all students wherever they fit within the educational spectrum, from emphasis on basic skills to advanced coursework.





Transferable Credits

September School provides any and all academic, social-emotional, and physical accomodations necessary for students to access and engage the full curriculum.

Our small class sizes and individual attention ensures that students build relationships necessary to facilitate academic risk-taking and improved engagement. 


All credits are transferable to all public and private in-state and out-of-state high schools. While enrolled at September High School, students can earn additional credits by taking classes at various institutions, including the University of Colorado, Naropa University, Front Range Community College, public schools, and area technical centers.


September High School is accredited by AdvancED.


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