General Questions

What is the philosophy behind September School?

September School provides a relationship-based educational experience. This philosophy includes:

  • Providing an educational atmosphere that fosters a positive attitude toward lifelong learning

  • Encouraging academic strengths and interests and provide for student development

  • Teaching the skills necessary for post high school challenges
  • Encouraging learning that extends beyond the classroom and beyond the school day


What are the School’s goals for individual students?

  • Developing self-respect and self-worth

  • Creating a value system based on the personal and social consequences of one's behavior

  • Learning communication skills in order to have meaningful, lasting relationships
  • Developing internal controls rather than needing to rely on external boundaries


What are the goals for the Community?

  • To recognize personal responsibility in caring for our shared environment

  • To foster an atmosphere that honors individuality, respects differences, and is welcoming to everyone

  • To achieve a harmonious co-existence between our school and the larger community
  • See our Community Agreement

What makes September School unique?

  • Small class size and intimate environment

  • September School attracts teachers that are life long learners themselves who are interested in pushing the educational edge

  • As an independent non-profit school, we have the luxury of autonomy and are able to be fluid, flexible, and responsive to students' individual needs
  • Shared ownership: we encourage students to actively participate in all aspects of the school. Their perspectives are listened to and valued
  • We provide a safe and comfortable space for students to live, breathe, grow, accept, realize, and actualize


Why do students choose to attend September School?

  • They feel lost in a large school environment

  • Individual needs are not being met in traditional systems

  • Need for a more Socratic environment where their level of intelligence and opinions are valued


What are some of the advantages of attending September School?

  • Individualized attention and small class sizes

  • Experiential curriculum

  • Leadership Opportunities
  • Internship Opportunities
  • Attention to social and emotional needs and development
  • Intensive support for post-secondary options: College, Community College, Trades, Job opportunities, etc.


What grades does September School serve?

  • 9th – 12th grades


How many students attend September School?

  • September School typically has between 40-50 students


How long has September School been in operation?

  • September School is a community-founded independent school established in 1973


What are the (discipline, dress code, etc.) policies?


Is September School accredited?

  • We are accredited by the North Central Association - AdvancEd


    How do I enroll (my child) in September School?

    • We ask that you first call the school (at 303.443.9933) for an appointment to meet with the Head of School

    • Once interest has been determined, we ask every student to shadow for 1 full day

    • If the student remains interested, we will give the family a registration packet
    • Once the registration packet has been completed and turned in to the school, we will review your application, request your student's records, and make a determination for an enrollment date

    How much does it cost to attend September School?

    • The 2018-2019 Academic Year Tuition is $18,350 which includes registration, class fees and Fall and Winter Trip. It does not include Spring Trip ($350). Tuition will be pro-rated for students that start mid-year. 

    Is there financial aid available?

    • We work with all families to explore financial strategies that help make the September High School experience possible. Financial Aid is provided on a first come first serve basis.

      For more detailed information, please see our section on Financial Aid Information.


    What is the student to teacher ratio?

    • Our ratio is at most 8 students for every teacher

    • Our ratio is at most 20 students for every counselor


    What types of classes are offered at September School?


    What are the graduation requirements?


    How does September School support the social, emotional, and character development of students?

    • Community meetings

    • Leadership Trips

    • Group classes
    • 1:1 Counseling
    • Supportive partnerships with therapeutic services throughout the community
    • High standards for behavior and accountability
    • Service Opportunities
    • Community Member Agreements
    • Advisories