Financial Aid & Tuition Reduction Programs

At September High School our board and community have made financial aid and tuition reduction programs a key element of the support we provide our students and families. In recent years we have increased our financial aid offerings to be able to provide some form of tuition assistance to about 25% of our families, and we are committed to maintaining and deepening this support in the future.

Tuition is also fixed at the rate of enrollment. For example, if you pay the rate for 2017-2018 with your freshman student, that tuition rate will remain the same for their years at September School. 

Financial Aid Process

Financial Aid at September School is need based, and guided by an objective calculation provided by FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment. In most cases, financial aid awards are given in the form of an outright grant. In order to receive an award, families must demonstrate that they have a need for this type of assistance. Recipients of financial aid are expected to meet the same standards of performance as other students; they are not subject to special standards or other requirements that would treat them unequally.

FACTS will process our Financial Aid and provides an on-line application to families applying for assistance. Based on the financial information you provide, FACTS will report to us an estimated family contribution (EFC).

The September High School Head of School and Board of Directors uses this report and other income information, to determine whether a family qualifies for aid, whether or not an award will be offered to a family, and the amount of such award. All decisions are subject to the availability of financial aid funds and are made at the school’s sole discretion. The admissions process and the financial aid process are two separate processes.  Financial need has no bearing on admissions selection.

Financial Aid Awards will be provided on a first come, first serve basis.

Loan Programs

K-12 Family Education Loans are available. Contact information for these loan services are available in the office. You may also explore loan programs through your choice of personal lender.