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September School Students Make Connections

Leading the way in relationship-based education, September School is a private high school in Boulder, Colorado.


Student reading a book in a park setting.

Connecting to Self

Students explore their learning styles and get engaged with choices in coursework and independent study projects. Every day, we see young people discover strengths and passions they never knew they had. In small classes, our curriculum supports social-emotional growth and academic progress. Students develop important life skills such as self-advocacy, conflict resolution, stress-management, and empathy. Mind-body wellness, yoga, music, art, and martial arts offerings complement math, science, literature, Spanish, and humanities classes for holistic learning.

Connecting with Each Other

Teens learn better in community. Our students work collaboratively to show up, take responsibility, be respectful, and challenge themselves. Every week we meet as a whole community to make decisions, solve problems and celebrate each others’ success.

By learning from multiple perspectives and marginalized communities, students grow beyond the bubble of their own experiences. We work to ensure that all students see themselves in our curriculum and experience a community in which everyone is safe, seen, and valued.


Connecting to the World

Every year we take two learning trips to build community and develop a sense of wonder about the world. Recent destinations include New York City, Guatemala, and Great Sand Dunes National Park. 

Closer to home, we regularly explore nearby hiking trails and Boulder Creek. Taking our learning outside, we go on art excursions to draw and write in nature and science field trips to study the natural world. We team with local nonprofits, organic farms, and Boulder area businesses for other experiences beyond the classroom.

Ready to find out more?

Set up a visit or a “shadow day,” where we connect your teen with a current student to experience what makes us different.
Call us at (303) 443-9933.