Our Philosophy


September High School is an intimate and supportive community that fosters individual development and reawakens the love of learning. We empower our students to be critical thinkers, lifelong learners, and responsible citizens.
- Mission Statement

At September High School, we have thrived for over four decades as Boulder's longest running independent high school.

In the fall of 1973, September High School was one of 5,000 independent schools across the nation that opened their doors to students for the first time. Despite the heartfelt efforts put forth by many people, most of these schools were unable to sustain themselves over time. By 2001, all but 2% of these schools had to close.



Why Choose September School? Here are just a few key ways we're different:



  • We develop self-respect.
  • We formulate a value system based upon the personal and social consequences of one's behavior.
  • We develop internal controls rather than needing to rely on external boundaries.


  • To recognize personal responsibility in caring for our environment.
  • We achieve a harmonious co-existence with both our school and the larger community.


  • To foster a safe emotional and physical environment that honors individuality,¬†respects differences, and is welcoming to everyone.


  • We learn the communication skills necessary to have meaningful lasting relationships.
  • We believe in clean, upfront communication style that holds conversation in curiosity to keep us accountable and responsible.


  • We provide an educational atmosphere that fosters a positive attitude toward lifelong learning.
  • We encourage academic strengths and interests and provide for their development.
  • We teach the skills necessary for post high school challenges.
  • We encourage learning that extends beyond the classroom and beyond the school day.