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Boulder Parent Support Groups Make a Difference

A Unique and Effective Resource for Parents

When teens have different needs, start disengaging from school, require a new approach, or are taking an unfamiliar path to adulthood, parents need support. At September School, we’ve found the best help they can get comes from other parents in a similar situation. By supporting each other, our students’ parents can be part of the September School experience, too.

Helping Adults with Adolescence

It may seem like a long time ago now, but we’re sure most adults distinctly remember what it was like to be in high school. Good or bad, people are rarely indifferent about this time! Your teen is going through the same process, but they may be exhibiting coping skills or behavior you’re not sure how to deal with.

When it comes to parent support groups, September School is unique in helping parents connect and communicate about the issues they face with their teens. We offer a completely informal, safe, and confidential place to sit and share concerns and views as you work your way through this time. Our parents meet regularly and share experiences, successes, struggles, and everyday thoughts and actions with each other. Above all, we help each other know we’re not alone. The September School community is tight-knit and dedicated to the success of our students. Parent support groups give a solid footing to our adults, which in turn brings stability, guidance, and comfort to our teens.

Led by the former dean of September School, licensed counselor Leslie Gustason, our parent support groups meet about at month at a bar in Boulder, CO, for an informal conversation and a beer. Like the approach September School embraces, these meetings are about building relationships and embracing the diversity that helps us all create a stronger community.

Support in a Time of Growth

As a parent, you are a major influencer of your teen’s life. Don’t let the attitude or back talk fool you—your teenager wants your approval and support! They want you to be proud, but they also need space.

If you are a September School parent or you are considering our school, we strongly urge you to also become part of one of the area’s most progressive parent support groups. As you work to support your teen, this informal, confidential program is in place to help you. It’s not easy being a parent, and we are here to help support you and get you involved in your teen’s academic and social success.

Welcoming You and Your Teenager to September School

As a private high school in Boulder that prioritizes social and emotional learning as highly as academic growth, we support all types of teenagers from our community. We are proud to welcome a wide range of students including academically gifted, those with learning disabilities, straight, gay, and every race and gender. Whatever your teen’s needs, we’re here to help them grow.

September School is home to teens in grades 9-12 who exhibit aptitude, learning disabilities, boredom, frustration, or bullying. It’s not uncommon that our students are dealing with ADHD, anxiety, depression, or drug abuse. Our students include straight, LGBTQ+, and trans teens. Young women and men of all races walk our halls and are part of our community.

Through collaborative practice, social justice, equity, and activism, September School supports our fantastic students and, in turn, helps them become even more impressive young adults. By fostering community involvement, including our parent support group, we help bring a wide variety of viewpoints together. We’re dedicated to working with each other to lift one another up. By relating and communicating effectively, we can all grow—and help our teens grow and succeed, too!

If you are a September School parent or you are considering our school, we strongly urge you to also become part of one of the area’s most progressive parent support groups. As you work to support your teen, this informal, confidential program is in place to help you. It’s not easy being a parent, and we are here to help support you and get you involved in your teen’s academic and social success.

Leslie Gustason is a licensed counselor that works alongside students and parents to support their needs. With every counseling session and meeting, everything is strictly confidential.

For more information on how to join our Parent Support Group, email Leslie.

Contact Leslie or contact Eve to find out more about our parent support group’s role in the school and how this critical program helps parents and teenagers become more confident and comfortable in moving forward. To learn more about the school or arrange a visit, call us at (303) 443-9933 or email Ali. We’re all in this together.

Why Give to September School?

As an independent school, September School operates without financial support from local, state and federal governments. 

Our unique relationship-based education approach means that we maintain very low student: teacher and student: counselor ratios. And, unlike traditional schools, our curriculum takes our students outside the classroom walls and into the world. Our budget is shaped by these needs.

Many families new to private schools are surprised to learn that tuition doesn’t cover the full cost of private school education. At September School, only 80-90% of our budget is covered by tuition and fees. We make up the difference with grants and through our fundraising programs, including:

  • Annual Fund
  • Community Circle
  • Capital Campaigns


The Annual Fund provides unrestricted funds to our school and runs from July 1 to June 30 every year. Our goal is that 100% of September School families pledge to the Annual Fund, in a way and at a level that works for them:

Monthly subscription (recommended monthly amount: $40)

Annual contribution (recommended annual amount: $500)

Your gift of any amount supports the people and programs that make our community so special. When we work together, it all adds up. 


Through our Community Circle, you work with us in a more powerful way to build financial sustainability and our continued growth. Community Circle donors pledge to support September School with gifts of $5,000 or more.

Friend ($5000-$9999)

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In recognition of your generosity, Community Circle members receive:

Inclusion of your name on the school’s website and in all appropriate fundraising materials

Mention of your name at key school events, including graduation

Invitation to special Community Circle events

For donations of more than $25,000, you may designate a place on our campus to put your name.


In 2019, we celebrated our 45th year with the completion of Phase 1 of our new campus at 96 Arapahoe in Boulder, CO. Nestled at the mouth of Boulder Canyon, our historically landmarked campus provides extraordinary access to the outdoors, including Boulder Creek and many local trails, as well as to the extended classroom in Boulder and the surrounding area. 

The complete buildout of our new campus will allow us to offer world-class education to our students and expand our enrollment to 80 students. 

Phase 2: renovate the historic barn (next to our primary building) and address interim facilities needs

Phase 3:  Build a new community space 

Your gifts to our Capital Campaign will help us continue this important and timely work.


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September School is a 501c3 charitable organization. All donations to our school are tax-deductible.

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