Who We Serve


September School: An Inclusive Community

Re-Awakening a Love of Learning

At September School, we’re here to serve our students. We serve students with a wide variety of interests who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Whatever brought them to September School, our faculty and staff are passionate about getting to know each teen and learning about their talents, strengths, and weaknesses. By working together, we can help teens develop the skills they need to succeed both academically and in life.

From the head of the school to administrative staff, educators to counselors, we all work hard for our students to feel heard and valued. We encourage every person involved with the school to take personal responsibility and accountability for their success.

Who We Serve

The journey through middle and high school, like the path through life, is filled with exceptional people who affect our lives in ways that can stay with us and change our lives for the better. Our staff has the specialized skills to provide meaningful help in your teen’s life. We’re here to bring understanding and support to each teen we serve!

We welcome all students, including the following:

Academically gifted
Learning disabilities

Trans students
Students of all races

The Educational Path to Success

At September School, we acknowledge that everyone’s educational path is unique. Because of this, we proactively teach using a relationship-based learning approach that focuses on diversity, relationships, support, and community—all while studying core and extra-curricular subjects and working towards high school graduation.

Our path to learning uses collaboration and teamwork. We strive to build trust and make sure our students are seen, heard, and celebrated. We are not a high school of last resort or a therapeutic school. Our programs are sought after because we recognize that an individualized approach to education can accelerate learning and help students embrace their individuality on the way to adulthood.

Feeling Welcomed at September School

As a private high school in Boulder that prioritizes social and emotional learning as highly as academic growth, we support all types of teenagers from our community. We are proud to welcome a wide range of students including academically gifted, those with learning disabilities, straight, gay, and every race and gender.

September School is home to teens in grades 9-12 who exhibit aptitude, learning disabilities, boredom, frustration, or bullying. It’s not uncommon that our students are dealing with ADHD, anxiety or depression. Our students include straight, LGBTQ+, and trans teens. Young women and men of all races walk our halls and are part of our community.

Through collaborative practice, social justice, equity, and activism, September School supports our fantastic students and, in turn, helps them become even more impressive young adults.

Getting to Know Us

We invite you to visit September School to learn more about our academic programs, community, and how our students thrive. Your child can shadow other students for a day to see how September School works for them—and how they can fit into our community, too. We believe our welcoming environment is the key to helping teenagers find peace with themselves so they can grow throughout their high school years. We invite your teen to visit us and see what a day in the life of a September School student is like. By talking and interacting with other students and by getting to know our faculty, we’ve seen our program speak for itself. We believe relationships are key to succeeding, no matter who you are or how you learn.

Call our office at (303) 443-9933 or contact us online to set up a time to visit, shadow other students, or take a class or two. You want to know about our school, and we’re interested in learning about you, too! We want to know your approach to life, your interests, and what interests you in our progressive learning approach. We offer rolling admission throughout the year and welcome all students at whatever stage they are. No matter what your teenager needs, we’re excited to learn how we can help them succeed!

If you feel you or your teen is facing challenges or learning disabilities and would be a good fit at September School, we highly encourage you to contact us. We’re here to help your teen discover their potential! Call us at (303) 443-9933 or contact us online. Arrange for a visit to see firsthand what September School in Boulder, CO has to offer and how we can serve you.