Field Trips & Global Travel


Off-campus learning is a vital part of the school curriculum.

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Fall, winter and spring trips vary in length from two nights in the mountains to a week in a neighboring state. The purpose for each trip varies with changing needs: community building may be the focus of one trip, while another may emphasize individual and small group challenges.

Traditional end-of-the-year trips are one week in length and may include travel to Canyonlands, Zion National Monument, the Grand Canyon, and areas in New Mexico. Students participate in Vision Quests, camping, hiking, mountain biking and river rafting. Students and teachers also take educational day trips to local places of interest, including museums, exhibits, lectures, and mountain sites.

In addition to the trips in the United States, students have the opportunity to travel to foreign countries. Over the past several years, students and teachers have toured France, Spain, and Italy. They've trekked and river-rafted in Costa Rica and studied language and culture and provided supplies to schools and clinics in Thailand.