Opportunities for Involvement

Commitment to Our Boulder Community

Making a Difference by Joining Together for Our High Schools in Boulder

The road that brought you and your teen to September School may have been one you never expected. Challenges, uncertainties, and fears often call for bravery and change to turn problems into opportunity. You’re not alone in the search for the support you need, and you won’t be alone as we move forward to new beginnings.

What sets us apart from other high schools in Boulder is our commitment to community. We know the people we surround ourselves with are the biggest way to change our attitude. By cultivating a community of actively involved young people who support each other and build each other up, we’re providing a foundation to the rest of their educational experience. And with our parent support groups, our teens’ parents have a network to lean on when they need help themselves!

Our Community: We’re in This Together

Like many high schools in Boulder, September School provides a sense of community for our students. Unlike other schools, however, we make this community a focus for students, parents, and faculty alike. The community at September School is dedicated to the people who make up this progressive educational environment. Our community is built on trust, safety, belonging, and responsibility. The community at September School is one that welcomes you and your teen, no matter what brings you to us.

The Branches of Our Community Tree

  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Administrators
  • Counselors
  • Staff
  • Siblings
  • Extended Family Members
  • Friends

Because our approach focuses on whole-child learning, our methodology is about inclusion. We work hard to create an environment that builds relationships and trust so that students can fully embrace who they are. With a supportive environment, our students flourish and show us—and themselves—what they know and what they can do.

Our community includes everyone who is part of helping make September School the success that it is: teachers, students, parents, administrators, and even student siblings and other family members. At September School, our community isn’t a building, place, practice, or exchange of information. It’s an authentic set of relationships between the people that make up our school.

Ways to Get Involved at September School

September School offers many opportunities for parents, students, faculty, and staff to contribute to the health of our school environment. From parent support groups to donations, there is a way to become involved that works best with each person’s ability to contribute.

  • Parent Organization: As a way to support the school and enhance relationships, the Parent Organization offers the opportunity to get involved. Educational environments are enriched by school programs or extra-curricular events, and the Parent Organization is a great way to help make these programs possible.
  • Parent Support Group: This free resource helps parents understand their teen and explore and understand obstacles, challenges, and problems that stand in the way of living an enriched life. Adolescence is a daunting time for everybody, but the Parent Support Group is a confidential environment that supports our parental community whenever it is needed. Our parents meet about once a month to provide support, discuss solutions and develop an understanding of one another.
  • Alumni: Being part of the September School community offers a lifelong network of connections. Our alumni are a responsible, generous, and committed group who stay connected on social media, our school newsletter, and with planned alumni events.
  • Volunteer: Our community is generous with its time and always welcoming of new volunteers. From fundraising to student tutoring, building repairs to event support, consider volunteering at September School or as part of our wider Boulder community volunteer opportunities to make a direct contribution to our future.
  • Donate: Sometimes because of time commitments, a desire to further our mission, to celebrate an achievement or as a way of thanking the difference September School has made in a life, members of our community donate to our school. Every donation helps support students while they are at school and even through graduation and beyond.

Our students come to us for many different reasons, and they have generally walked a non-traditional path in life. With active participation in our September School community, each member who participates helps enrich and engage these teenagers’ learning and growing experience. With relationship-based education, we’re in this together. Our program works because of the dedication and support each branch of our community tree brings to the table.

If you are considering September School for your teen, have questions, or would like to visit and see our community in action, we encourage you to contact us. Call September School at (303) 443-9933 to arrange a visit for you and your teen.