Special Programs


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Senior Mysteries

This is a human development curriculum for students in their senior year. Seniors are provided a "rite of passage" from adolescence to adulthood; a safe and challenging opportunity to seek a new perspective, learn to say good-bye, and experience acknowledgment from their community for their accomplishments. Mysteries meets periodically with teachers and counselors trained in adolescent development, active listening, group building, and the use of a variety of theatre and art exercises for personal expression and growth.


Every student at September School has an advisor. Advisors are members of the staff whose job it is to know students well. The advisor's job is to coach and mentor each of their advisees, to help meet their academic as well as social and emotional needs. Students can turn to their advisors for guidance with both personal and school related issues.

The purpose of advisory is to further personalize a student's experience at September School and to help monitor a student's progress. Advisors are the point of contact for parents, and advisor and parent form a supportive team over the student's tenure at September School.


Group & Counseling

As an integral part of the September High School program, counseling is designed to help students develop emotional maturity, achieve the ability to resolve life issues, and take responsibility for their actions. Group process classes allow students the opportunity to identify and communicate feelings and issues important to their personal growth and change. Each student can share with peers and a counselor daily challenges and responsibilities and give and/or receive clarification and support. These classes are facilitated by experienced counselors.


Our Institute days are designed to offer students a choice in how they spend longer days involved in a unique offering from our instructors. Institutes are focused and steeped in required curriculum, however may involve unique experiences outside of school such as Outdoor Education, Makerspace, Studio Art, Social Activism and Cultural Cuisine.


Visiting Artist

We value our continuing effort to connect students with the plethora of artistic resources that Boulder, Denver and the Front Range have to offer. Our school welcomes 4-6 visiting professional artists throughout the year and students are able to co-create in various styles of fine arts and music.


Community is an important concept at September High School. Our community includes students, parents, and teachers, all of diverse backgrounds and abilities.

As community members, students participate in decision making in each class, at larger community meetings, and through representation on a student steering committee. This involvement allows for open, honest relationships based on mutual respect and trust between students and teachers.

Community Class is a daily gathering of the group for exercise, partnered activities, group discussions and more. Gathering as a group each day is important for our community. It gives us a chance to check in with students and keep a finger on the pulse of the peer culture.

“My kid finally comes home happy.”
–A satisfied parent


Many of our students are passionate about visual arts, music and performing arts and at September School we offer classes to support and foster these interests. Follies happen twice a year and is a longstanding tradition at September School when students are encouraged to share their creative talents and projects with parents and friends in our Community.