Finding Your Path to Success with September School

Our High School Admissions Process and Private School Cost

September School is a supportive learning community that helps teens with both academic success and the skills needed to thrive after high school. Our relationship-based learning model provides a supportive environment that helps kids accept and cherish their differences as they learn how to relate to the world in the way that’s right for them.

When considering private school cost, we understand that families must weigh their options carefully. At September School, we are committed to helping teens who would benefit from our programs and community culture attend our school.

Two-Way Introductions

The best relationships begin with honesty and openness. To get the admissions process going, we’d like to meet you. If you and your teen are interested in learning more about September School and want to begin the admissions process and understand what goes into private school cost, we think seeing our process and environment firsthand is the first step to getting to know our community and whether the September School is the right place for you.

We invite you to visit September School to learn more about our academic programs, community, and how our students thrive. Your child can shadow other students for a day to see how September School works for them—and to see how they can fit into our community, too. We believe relationships are key to succeeding, no matter who you are or how you learn.

Call our office at (303) 443-9933 or email to set up a time to visit, shadow other students, or take a class or two. You want to know about our school, and we’re interested in learning about you, too! We want to know your approach to life, your interests, and what interests you in our progressive learning approach. We offer rolling admission throughout the year and welcome all students at whatever stage they are.

September School Specifics

Our admission process is fairly straightforward. Here’s how it all works:

  • September School is a Boulder, CO-based independent, private high school. As you consider the private school cost, rest assured our board and community are focused on providing financial aid and tuition reduction programs for families where possible.

    As a need-based process, we work to provide some assistance to about one-quarter of our families. For all families, tuition is fixed at a flat rate when a student enrolls. Learn more about September School tuition and financial aid programs.

  • Following your school visit, an application for enrollment at September School requires completed and signed paperwork. We work to expedite applications where possible, but completed documents and payment are required before students can join the school. Learn more about enrollment and access the application document.

Getting to Know You and Your Teen

We believe addressing the social and emotional learning of students is just as important as academic learning. In fact, success in one of these areas lays the foundation for success in the other. We help our students learn about and trust themselves as they learn how to build trust with others and you. What’s right for one student isn’t necessarily right for another; by creating different paths and opportunities for students to show what they’ve learned, we share knowledge together and embrace each others’ differences as we walk the path of learning.

Creating a Path to Success

We are not a high school of last resort or a therapeutic school. Our programs are sought after because we recognize that an individualized approach to education can accelerate learning and help students embrace their individuality on the way to adulthood. Our path to learning uses collaboration, community and teamwork. We strive to build trust and make sure students are seen, heard, and celebrated.

While non-traditional, we believe our approach is common sense. We’re focused on relationship-based learning, emphasizing diversity and inclusion, responsibility and community, teamwork, and communication. With low student-teacher ratios and student-counselor ratios, we provide one-on-one interaction as much as possible to get to know your child, what they need, and what they can bring to the world. Our goal is to encourage the strengths and talents that are already there while providing the skills and education to help your teenager thrive, both in high school and in the world after.

To schedule a time to visit September School, give us a call at (303) 443-9933 or contact us online. We are here to welcome you as you learn about our community!