Independent and Progressive Education in Boulder

Social, Emotional, and Academic Growth for Boulder Teens

Since 1973, September School has provided progressive education programs that address the emotional, social, and academic education of our students. Our programs help teens address social and emotional learning as much as academic growth. We’re about whole-person learning that inspires teenagers to engage and be themselves on the path of education.

Our program is here for teens of all backgrounds who are dealing with a variety of issues. We serve teenagers in grades 9-12 who exhibit aptitude, learning disabilities, boredom, frustration, ADHD, anxiety, depression, or drug abuse. Our students include straight, LGBTQ+, and trans teens. We believe relationship-based learning is the key to connecting with teenagers and helping them trust and accept themselves and others. This in turn builds the social and educational skills they need as they grow into adulthood.

Academic Overview

Students at September School receive a broad program of core academic courses that are taught to the same level as conventional high schools. Our experienced team of highly qualified educators leads programs with a focus on helping students meet the requirements for graduation. Teachers offer personalized education and support, ensuring students understand key concepts and encouraging engagement and discussion.

But progressive education at September School offers even more. Our academic approach extends beyond the areas of the core curriculum, and each student takes classes to maximize personal potential and cultivate individual talents and interests. We understand that different learning styles exist and ensure students receiving attention no matter where they may be on the educational spectrum. With one of the lowest student-faculty ratio in Boulder, CO, your child can depend on meaningful interactions and thoughtful attention from their teachers. We’re here to understand each student and discover how we can help them succeed in the way that’s right for them!

Courses We Offer

The September School academic programs include all aspects of English, social studies, math, and science. Spanish is available along with a range of electives from culinary arts to music, photography to mindfulness. The physical education courses we offer include a variety of activities like martial arts, weight training, and basketball.

Programs at September School are taught to the same level as other high schools, preparing students for college and life beyond school. It is our progressive education approach that is different and more suitable and beneficial for many teens. Our programs embrace small class sizes, strong community, individualized attention, collaborative instruction, and we are AdvanceED Accredited.

Students interested in specific courses or in taking honors coursework are always encouraged to meet with the September School academic dean to explore options. We’re here to provide the best resources for your teen.

Special Programs

At September School, we celebrate diversity and create unique programs that allow for continued growth, collaboration, and exploration within our community. Our students have the benefit of individualized attention so their interests can be developed to their full potential. We offer a range of progressive programs that support personalized learning.

With advisors for every student and counseling that supports emotional learning and resolution, our students have many opportunities to explore their academic and personal progress throughout their years at our school. Additional programs include visiting artists, outdoor and field-based education, and our overriding sense of community and support. Whatever your child needs, we have the flexibility to provide innovative, imaginative, and interesting options to keep them engaged with the learning process.

Field Trips & Global Study

The world is a big place. We believe that exploration plays a big part in learning and development for young adults trying to find their way. For September School, off-campus learning is a critical part of the overall school curriculum. We make field trips, both locally and globally, a key part of the learning experience. By exploring the world, our students can understand how they fit into the bigger picture, and how they can interact most productively in a variety of situations.

Field-based trips vary in length, and the focus is dependent on community need. Exploration often includes camping, hiking, and river rafting in Colorado, other U.S. states, and overseas. Field trips and global study provide not only education and insight, but make memories that stay with our students forever.

Interested in seeing if the September School programs are a good fit for you and your teen? Call us at (303) 443-9933 to visit, ask questions, and see first-hand what progressive education in Boulder looks like! We are excited to meet you and share how our program has been helping young adults for over 40 years.