Summer School


Boulder Summer Schools at September School

Summertime: A Great Season for Exploration

Make the most of summer! Learn new things, challenge how you think, and have a great time with our summer school programs. September School’s Boulder summer school program offers a range of topics and subjects to keep teens engaged and on top of graduation credits. For both regular term students and other BVSD students, summer classes at September School offer relationship-based learning and communication for a variety of subjects.

Boulder Summer School Details

Credits earned during summer school are transferable to area public and private schools. Classes are open to September School students and any other BVSD students. BVSD students interested in attending should verify with their school’s guidance counselor that their home school will accept the available academic credits.

Summer classes at September School are $500 each, with a $100 non-refundable deposit due at the time of registration. Students can earn up to a semester’s worth of credit! Classes are designed for only 12 students and typically sell out.


Over 40 Years Proudly Serving Boulder Area Students

Since 1973, September School has been one of the most progressive high schools in Boulder, Colorado, providing relationship-based education, learning, and achievement opportunities in academic and personal growth for students in grades 9-12.

We support all kinds of teenagers from our community, including academically gifted, those with learning disabilities, straight, gay, and students of every race and gender. Sometimes students come to us who exhibit boredom, frustration, or bullying. Some are dealing with ADHD, anxiety, depression, or drug abuse. Throughout all these journeys, September School is here to provide an inclusive, welcoming environment that fosters our students’ potential and helps them grow. Whether your child deals with one of these issues or is simply seeking to interact with a diverse, lively group in a relationship-based environment, our summer school program brings together education and environment for a fun and fulfilling experience.

Lets Learn, Grow, and Thrive Together

While other high schools in Boulder focus exclusively on academics, September School values social and emotional learning in addition to traditional academic growth. When students are empowered to collaborate, support, and understand themselves and the diversity around them, there is an inherent desire to want to learn. We foster this desire as part of a well-rounded learning and growing experience. As part of a summer school experience, classes at September School can enrich your teen’s overall educational participation. We’re here to help your child learn and grow!

We’re focused on relationship-based learning, centering on diversity and inclusion, responsibility and community, teamwork, and communication. With low student-teacher ratios and student-counselor ratios, we provide one-on-one interaction as much as possible to get to know your child, what they need, and what they can bring to the world. Our goal is to encourage the strengths and talents that are already there while providing the skills and education to help your teenager thrive, both in summer school and in the wider world!


If you are interested in our Boulder summer school, contact us to learn about specific dates and registration details.