Credits & Tuition

Our credits are transferable to area public and private schools, please talk to your school’s counselor to verify that our classes meet your credit needs. Classes can earn students up to a semester’s worth of credit.
Classes are $500 each, with a $100 non-refundable deposit due when registration forms are turned in.
Our classes max out at 12. Sign up now while space is available! 


Students from other BVSD schools interested in taking our summer school courses are very welcome. They will need a verification from their Guidance Counselor to ensure that their home school will accept our credits.

Summer School Registration

Paperwork 2018

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2018 Courses & Dates

Summer School Dates: June 25 - July 27, 2018

No School: July 4, 2018


AM Courses (8:30AM - 11:00AM)

·       Spanish Lab (5 credits of Spanish) Iskra Ivanova, Instructor

·       Building a Weather Station (3 credits of Physical Science, July 2 - 20 only)

       Steve Rozanski, Instructor

·       Film and Literature (5 credits of English) Art Atkison, Instructor


PM Courses (12:00PM - 3:00PM)

·       World War II (5 credits of either US or World History) Eitan Fire, Instructor

·       Math Lab (5 credits of Math) Suzanne Hillier, Instructor

        Art History (5 credits of Art) Iskra Ivanova, Instructor


Literature & Film

We will examine the differences and similarities of the two major art forms. First,  we will dwell on the concept of image, how we receive pictures in our brains, whether those images are received in the form of language as printed text or by words and images on a screen or canvas received as sensory information directly through the eye or the ear.


Math Lab

This is an opportunity for students to pursue the credits they need in a Mathematics lab environment. They may choose to utilize this time for their independent coursework with our Mathematics instructor.


Spanish Lab

This is an opportunity for students to pursue the credits they need in a Spanish lab environment. They may choose to utilize this time for their independent Spanish coursework with our own instructor.


Building a Weather Station

We will design, assemble and install a weather station for the school. The station be on the internet so anyone anywhere can observe conditions at the school.


Art History

The course will provide topics about general Art ideas such as “landscape” through history: Cave paintings and their meaning and contemporary installation located in public spaces or the concept of landscape in different cultures; balance in Architecture, paintings and sculpture; the development of the concept of drawing and shading in the Western World and the outlining in the Eastern World.


World War II:

This class for social studies credit will examine the second world war. We will start by examining the roots of the war. We will then take a deep dive into the war itself and finally we will explore how the aftermath of the war forever changed the world. We will try to meet outside when weather permits. We will learn about this this topic in many different ways including through reading, writing, discussion, film, and role playing. This is an opportunity to increase your understanding of WWII whether you bring just a little knowledge or whether you consider yourself already highly informed on this topic.